Why would you use a phrase like raison d' ĂȘtre?

Lest we are left sans opportunity to show we command fancy words.

Sofia, Bulgaria? How did you end up there? What are you guys doing in Sofia, Bulgaria?

We often wonder. Fine weather, people are nice, food is good. And so is the wine. Our offices are very close to the park. This answer is under construction.

You are cheating anyway. These are three questions.


We are.

Is there a time-zone out there in Bulgaria or is it beyond the end of time?

Add 1 hour if you are in Europe, 2 if in London and 7 if in New York. The rest of the world is left as an exercise for the enthusiastic reader.

Yes, we will reply on the same day.


Our FAQ primary raison d’ ĂȘtre is to help you get a better understanding of life, the universe and everything else. However, it will probably just tell you more about us.