Office Orchestrator

Recently Andy completed her studies at Marketing at the
Dutch College in Bulgaria.
That's good because now she has more time to help
us keep our own Private Chaos at bay.
And we need that. Badly. Andy also makes sure
we actually have contracts with
our clients and vendors -- or so she claims.


Superbly Administrative

Besides being fluent in Customerese and Programese
and, more importantly, being able to freely
translate in between, Anna seems to be able to understand
and talk most living languages on the planet.
She also looks after our Partners.
They need pampering too - sometimes it seems
more so than our clients.


Car Mechanic Extraordinaire

Besides being the MQ and Integration Bus guru,
proficient in C, C++, Java, and Perl, Assen is a very good
graphic designer. But do not be fooled --
should you ask him about his primary area of expertise
he will surely list building high-performance sports cars.
(Of course he writes custom code for his car computer.
One of the more amusing sights is him driving
with the laptop on the passenger seat,
plugged into the car.)


The Silent World

Evgeni, aka Gena, is the man that will find that
IP causing the trouble at your production system
every night at 02:30 for the last week.
He will also fix the problem. Meanwhile he can teach
a course on MQ and Integration Bus.
He can also teach you how to dive with an aqua-lung.
But not at the same time.


Sharp Shooter

Knowing too many things about software
actually seems to help. Krassy is
fluent in Java, C, C++, Perl, sh, and various
assemblers, as well as just about any database
in existence - and some that are not.
He is also an accomplished photographer with professiona
l ambitions, so you might want to check out some
of his pictures, if, that is, he
is willing to point you to the URL.


Your Language of Choice Is Available or The Alphabet Man

The list of software skills Latcho is fluent with
- Java, C/C++, Perl, Delphi, SQL, Sybase, UDB,
Oracle, MS SQL, PostgreSQL, MySQL-
is sure to impress you. That is, until
you realize what the list of natural languages
he is fluent in is.



Mario helps us deliver on our promises.
He routinely delivers more than he promised.
On time. Every time.


Forecast Watcher

Working on XQuadro's infrastructure components
or against a tight deadline absolutely
doesn't prevent him carefully checking the forecast for
some more extreme weather around.
So, you see it's actually a magnificent scheduling job
that he does. Fit in never missing a deadline (not even close),
checking the forecast, scheduling the ski or
windsurf trips to actually make use of the bad,
err "good" weather.
And that seems to be going on 24x7.


The System Administrator from Heaven

It is decisively a very rare event to meet
a system administrator that is actually nice to their subjects.
This is what folklore and experience teach us.
Well, ladies and gentlemen, here he is!


Bewitched and Bewildered

Shu has been in the software industry
way too long and seen way too many interesting things.
He is perfectly fine with a list of technologies that is really
a bit too long and includes C, C++, Java, Smalltalk,
LISP, FORTRAN, yacc, lex, sh, awk, LaTeX,
Perl, SQL, and various assemblers, as well
as Solaris, AIX, HP-UX, IRIX, Linux, Windows
NT/2000, and embedded systems. He seems
to be amused by wind (wind power that is 🙂


The Renaissance Character

In between his interests in History, Latin, Archeology,
and Mathematics he has somehow managed to squeeze
in some 20 years of software experience and become
proficient in an impressive array of software systems
- C/C++, Perl, Java, CLOS, sh, lex, yacc,
awk, SQL, Pascal, Unix, Linux, and MS Windows.
We are actually thinking of setting up a jackpot prize
for the first person to ask a question Vassil doesn't
know the correct answer to.


Governator To Be?

To Venci's regret it is has proven impractical
to pump iron while at the keyboard.
This makes his training for Governor of California far
more time consuming. He is, naturally,
unphased and as focused as ever.
Caveat incumbent