z/VM and z/Linux

The legendary reliability of IBM’s mainframes makes these machines the preferred choice for customers requiring solid 24/7 performance.
They scale to huge sizes and offer mind-boggling performance, especially working with large (read: large) databases.

They can be a bit expensive to get and run, though. If you think quality services around z/VM are expensive, please do call us so we can prove otherwise for you.

Ever since IBM introduced IFL in 2000, mainframe customers have used it to harness the power and reliability of mainframe boxes at a much lower cost.

z/Linux runs directly on an IFL processor or on top of z/VM, and either way channels the benefits of a superb hardware platform, fast access to storage, huge volumes, and uptimes in the range of multiple 9s after the 99.

Additionally, consolidating software licences priced per core from Intel on Linux on z can offer substantial savings. Examples would include Oracle database, WebSphere Application Server and many other systems similarly priced.

In a similar vein migrating licences from z/OS to Linux on z can also lower licensing fees a lot.

We’ve built and are maintaining several z/VM IFL installations with z/Linux on top, which customers use to run business-critical 24/7 systems, some near real-time.

We wouldn’t suggest you go all out and shell out big dough for a mainframe just to run that time-tracking application, but if you already have a mainframe and do not use it to run Linux on z or need additional administration resource, do call us. You’ll be glad you did.