z/VM and z/Linux


The legendary reliability of IBM’s mainframes makes these machines the preferred choice for customers that require solid 24/7 performance. They scale to huge sizes and offer mind-boggling performance, especially working with large (read:  large) databases. They can be a bit expensive to get and run, though.

Ever since IBM introduced IFL in 2000, mainframes customers have used it to harness the power and reliability of mainframe boxes at a much lower cost.

z/Linux can be run either directly on an IFL processor or on top of z/VM. Either way it channels the benefits of a superb hardware platform, fast access to storage, huge volumes and uptimes in the range of multiple 9s after the 99.

Additionally, running Oracle systems on z/Linux may offer substantial savings on Oracle licensing fees for customers.

We have built and are maintaining several z/VM IFL installations with z/Linux on top. Customers use them to run business-critical 24/7 systems, some of them near real-time.

We wouldn’t suggest you go all out and shell out the big dough to get a mainframe just to run that time-tracking application.

But should you already have a mainframe, do call us. You’ll be glad you did. Visit.