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With XQuadro, the right fit for today becomes a cornerstone your business relies on tomorrow. Our clients hold a combined €16 billion in assets. They trust XQuadro to build and maintain critical infrastructure that supports 60 million transfers and 150+ million in payments each week, day in and day out, for 18 years and counting…


DSK Bank depends on XQuadro to build and maintain its ESB processing payments and transactions for the busiest bank in Bulgaria.

Unicredit and Borica-Bankservice entrust XQuadro to transfer the country’s most important payments.

London’s L3C counts on XQuadro to maintain its 24×7 availability systems, which host business critical systems for some of UK’s best businesses, employing more than half a million people.


Our new corporate partners will be in good company.

Critical Systems Require Capital Care

Enterprise Service Bus


Over 18 years we have designed, built, and maintained many complex, businesses critical IBM Integration Bus (Message Broker) and MQ systems: multi-segmented systems running numerous Broker nodes, linking to external systems over open internet in a secure manner, efficiently processing hundreds of messages every second. Despite all this complexity, our systems are fantastically robust and reliable; running with no unplanned downtime for many years.


z/VM and z/Linux

The legendary reliability of IBM’s mainframes makes these machines the preferred choice for customers that requiringe solid 24/7 performance. They scale to huge sizes and offer mind-boggling performance, especially working with large (read: large) databases.


Web and Mobile

We have selected and spliced together some of the finest open-source technologies, including our very own development framework, and we built our tools on top of them.This leaves our hands and brains free from clutter, so we can spend more development time on your web app.


Practical essays on what we know best.
With benefits.

The team performed their function in a professional, friendly, and timely manner. The project involved activities that were not only demanding, but also had to be executed with great urgency.

-Borica - Bankservice

Deploying IBM MQ as a Gateway


Legacy systems over SOAP and REST


Twisting the system



IBM MQ Gateways in Geographically Distributed Installations

Unexpected Side Effects

Their honest words

DSK Bank has been working jointly with XQuadro Bulgaria for more than 10 years. In 2005, their team introduced a 7×24 installation of WebSphere MQ & Message Broker, and also provided a 7×24 second and third support level since its introduction into production. Their specialists also participate in the design and development of various modules linking the main banking system with both Message Broker and different payment systems and key applications in DSK Bank.

Our proudest work

We are proud of all our work. Here are few stories that make us exceptionally happy that we do what we do and do it well, dammit.

MQ & Broker on z/Linux


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We have staked our name and reputation on building great software and fostering productive, long-lasting relationships — measured in decades.

We look forward to partnering with you for the decades ahead.